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Songs for Children: Thanks You Tube

Jungle Book Title Song : Abhimanyu is mad about this video.

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya

Lakadi Ki Kathi

Masterjee Ki Agayee Chithi: A very nice song, but not very famous

I am impressed! Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Today I am going to start the new series called I am impressed. This series would contain some information about the things or the software's that impressed me.So what am I impressed by today? I have impressed by this amazing piece of software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a voice recognition software by a company called Nuance software. I have previously tried to use voice recognition software by Microsoft but was not impressed, in fact I must say I was disappointed by its performance.

I am using version 9.5 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it seems pretty accurate . This blog has been written with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I haven't typed even a single word. What is more amazing about the software is that it allows for various accents. A user can choose the following type of accents: American, UK, Southeast Asian, Australian and Indian. It is only because I was able to choose the Indian accent that it is working so well.

The amount of tim…

Gujrat Exposed: Is this why we call ourselves Human

Are these people human? Are they followers of Ram or Ravana. Perhaps even Ravana would be ashamed of these people.

See the videos below.

To read more about it Click Here

This is the worst face of humanity. I hope people who did this are punished with a death sentence.

Who is behind bomb blast in Benazir's convoy?

Today was another sad day with over 100 people killed in bomb blasts that rocked Benazir's convoy. This seems to be decade of terrorism. Being a Indian I know how painful these acts of terrorism are. It seems however that terrorism is now affecting the nations who used to export it. This reminds me of old saying "Jo dusrekeliyekabrkohdtaahain, who khud he us meingirtaahian". I should here make it very clear that I condemn any act of terrorism no matter where it occurs.

Today's incident got me thinking who would be behind these bomb blasts? My suspects are

MushraffTaliban and Al QuedaNawazSharifBenazir herselfMushraff : He would like to create circumstances where he can declare emergency and gain more powers. A bomb blast like this could be used as excuse.Taliban and Al Queda: They declare their power and let politician know what they can do.NawazSharif: She is her main opponentBenazir: She seems to gain most by way of sy…

Race for President: CheckMate

Race for the President is on. All the parties want to find a president who will best suit their needs. Just like in game of chess they want a king (President) without any power who would not even try to voice his or her opinion. Just like game of chess each and every move is well thought of and to give a check to opponents. The only difference between this game and game of chess is that there are more than two players and that makes the game even more interesting. Let's examine the moves till now. All parties including NDA, UPA and left want their candidate to be President. None of them really are happy with the current President. The reason for not liking him is simple, he has brain of his own. He would not agree to be a Puppet. NDA's first move is to tell current president that they cannot support him. UPA, Left and BSP are fighting to arrive at a agreement. Mr Vice President who is from BJP declares himself as a independent candidate. By declaring himself to be independent he is…

One Year of Parenthood

It is 14 May 2007 and it is 12:11 A.M and it is One full year of Parenthood. Today Abhimanyu has turned One. The first year of Parenthood has been a amazing experience. In this one year Abhimanyu has morphed from a small infant who depended so much on us to a cute little child who now walks on his own and who speaks a few words. Today as the clock was slowing moving towards 12:00 there was strange feeling in my heart, I was feeling weak. This appeared strange to me, My brain was saying why am I feeling weak now when I did not feel weak when he was born, when I did not feel weak when he fell from the bed first time or when he was ill and suffering from ear infection. But heart does not listen to logic. I am very happy but along with happiness there is this strange feeling of weakness. How has this one year changed me. Has it changed my thinking, my principles or my attitude towards life? I will think about these in next few days and compare myself from now with myself from 1 year back. I…

Man gets what he wants

It is said "Man gets what he deserves". I would like to change it to "Man gets what he wants". The reason is simple if a man wants some thing he works hard to get that. He may get it by hook or crook but he will get it.

When people say they want something but are not getting it they are lying. Had they really wanted it they would have worked for it and thus become deserving enough to get it.

From today onwards, I try not to say that I want some thing but I am not getting it because I have not worked to get it and hence I don't deserve it. May be after I die people would remember me for my quote


Worst World Cup Ever

Disclaimer: This article is about Cricket. If you have accidentally reached here, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can continue to read the remaining posts on this blog, may be you will find some thing interesting.

Cricket World Cup 2007 would be remembered in the history as the Worst World cup Ever. This world cup is perfect example of Murphy's Law "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong". There are several reasons for it being called the worst world cup.
Bob Woolmer was murdered. Shame on game when it starts taking lifes. It is amazing that police has not been able to find the murderer although the world cup has ended.A very long format. I think ICC was trying to maximize profits by providing less matches to minnow and more matches to main 8 teams. This was cause of only having three matches for qualification and round robin for 8 teams. A better format would have been to have 12 teams and 4 pools of 3 teams each playing with each other twice which woul…

Innovation: A blog dedicated to Innovation

While surfing net I found a blog decicated to Innovation. I know you are curious to know about it, so without wasting any of your time CLICK HERE. I hope you will enjoy it.

Is this NEWS? Detoriation of Reporting Quality

NEWS to me means New Event With Significance. I don't know about others but I am kind of frustrated about the kind of reporting I see. It looks like NEWS reporters have forgotten the meaning of NEWS. The NEWS now seems to have modified into MEWS or Masala Entertainment Worthless Shock.

Just look at any Indian news paper site, now a days the only MEWS they have is about a marriage of Abhishek and Ash. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Abhi or Ash. In fact I am huge fan of Amit jee and like both Ash and Abhishek. I am actually frustrated to see the kind of details that is being reported. Who is being invited, What does invitation card look like, What was there in Mithai, Who did what, What did Jaya Bachaan say to Ash etc etc. I think the actual news would have been, Abhishek and Ash are getting married on such and such date at such and such place. Every thing beyond that is Masala. To some extent even that is tolerable but I think now a days media goes over board with eve…

Who should win the world cup!!!

Ofcourse, it cannot be India - Why? Because we are already out of the World Cup. Let's set the expectations right, we should try to win India Bangladesh Series.

Any way back to the original question, Who should win the world cup?

Lets look at the following Stats and I think the answer would be clear.

Batting Stats:The batting stats show that top 10 run scorers of this tournament are basically from 3 teams: Australia(3), South Africa(3), Srilanka(2). There is one each from England and NewZealand.

Bowling Stats:The bowling stats just like batting squads are also skewed in favour of 3 teams: Australia(4), Srilanka(2), NewZealand (2). There is one from one each from South Africa and West Indies.

Just by looking at those stats you can tell there is no one to represent England in Bowling department and No one to represent West Indies in Batting in top 10 positions which explains why these two teams are where they should be. Similarly there is no representation from Bangladesh and Ireland. S…

Day Light Saving Time: Update

It gives me great satisfaction that I have been proven right again. This time it is Day Light Saving time.

I had in my previous blog "Don't you have any thing better to do" expressed anger at change of day light saving time. I had argued that day light saving has no effect on energy consumption and that has infact proven to be true. Please see the article on Reuters.

There are few very important statements in the article

The move to turn the clocks forward by an hour on March 11 rather than the usual early April date was mandated by the U.S. government as an energy-saving effort.
But other than forcing millions of drowsy American workers and school children into the dark, wintry weather three weeks early, the move appears to have had little impact on power usage.

We haven't seen any measurable impact," said Jason Cuevas, spokesman for Southern Co., one of the nation's largest power companies, echoing comments from several large utilities.
That may come as no surpr…

Greg Chappell: Coach or Politician using Divide and Rule

Indian World Cup dreams are over but the crisis Indian Cricket is facing is far from being over. The man at center of all attention is Greg Chappell, The coach of Indian Cricket Team.

Is he really the coach? Or Is he a mere politician who has used policy of Divide and Rule to systematically destroy a team and to maintain his authority by playing his cards.

The era of Greg Chappell as coach of Indian team has been marked with one controversy after another. The list of controversies is huge. Chappell and Ganguly, Chappell and Yuvraj, Chappell and Tendulkar, Chappell and Harbhajan, Chappell and Sehwag, Chappell and Chappell's finger.

Now more recently Chappell and Dravid, Chappell and Tendulkar, Chappell and Seniors, Chappell and SMS.

Lets looks back in history and see what happened.

Step 1) India Australia series, Greg helps Ganguly to sort out his batting and gain his confidence. Ganguly hits a century in the very First Test.

Step 2) Ganguly returns the favor by recommending Mr. Chappell…

Don't you have anything better to do!!!!

Don't you have anything better to do!!!!!

This was not a question for you dear reader, I think you are spending your time well by reading my blog. This question is directed to the great congressmen and senators of US.

To me it appears as if senators and congressmen are a bunch of fools who have nothing better to do then keep adjusting their clocks by one hour twice each year and deciding when should all of us also adjust our clocks. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about Day Light Saving Time.

Somewhere in year 2005 US Senate/Congress decided that day light saving should be extended in year 2007 i.e. Day light Saving time would now be turned on in March and turned off in Nov. Did they have nothing better to do? It looks like none of them have degree in science and none of them knows that in today's worlds changing clock time is not all that simple. In today's world every thing is governed by computers which are in turn govern by software which needs to adjusted for changes…

Google vs Microsoft (Score 1:1)

This is trial of google docs and spreadsheet. History repeats itself or lets say life is a circle. When computers were first invented there used to be one big computer for which people used share time slots. Then computers started to become smaller and faster which could run multiple jobs at the same time and user used to have dumb terminal connected which would serve as IO device for the user to interact. Finally came PCs these machines were small and not as pricey as its ancestors. So every body started to own a computer. Microsoft led the way in this direction by providing versions of OS which were easy to use. Microsoft almost single handed started PC revolution

While computers were becoming smaller,faster and cheaper another parallel development was taking place. This development would bring reverse the trend in near future. People had started discovering that it is no fun to own a computer and not being able to interact with other people and share ideas. The development that was …