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Power of Rupee

In my last posting which luckily or unluckily happen to my first one also, I mentioned about Rs 2.00 and how much that is worth. Talking about worth I had often heard my grandparents and parents say how much you could get in 1 Re in their era. My mom used to tell me before her marriage she used to drink coke for 4 Anna or 25 piase.
Once I asked my mom how is 25 paise equal to 4 anna and how much was 1 Anna as 25 was not divisible by 4. Thru her I came to know that earlier 1 Re did not have 100 paise, rather it had 64 paise which was equal to 16 anna. So 1 Anna was equal to 4 paise. So I wanted to know when did the change from 1 Re = 64 paise to 1 Re = 100 paise happen. Here are some interesting facts about our own currency Rupee that I gathered.

India introduced new coinage post independence on 15 Aug 1950 while Pakistan was much quicker as they introduced new coins in 1948 and currency bills in 1949.

Have you heard the dialog "Mein khoon pasinaa baha ke tumhari pie pie chuka donga…

Power of Rs 2

What is value of Two(2) Rupees?

2 Rs = 1/20 of US dollar = 5 cents
2 Rs = 2 Eclairs
2 Rs = 1/5 of Pepsi or Coke
2 Rs = 120 ml of Milk
2 Rs = 200 grams of Wheat floor
2 Rs = Cost of Pencil
2 Rs = 500 grams of Aloo (Potato) when it is cheap
2 Rs = Tsunami Relief cheque for damage of coconut crops
2 Rs = Shame on Govt of India
2 Rs = Promise for millions of dollars of Tsunami Relief You would be wondering why this Question for Value of Rs 2.00. Rs 2.00 Tsunami Reliefतीन सौ पेड़ों का मुआवज़ा दो रुपयेIs India really shining?