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Don't you have anything better to do!!!!

Don't you have anything better to do!!!!!

This was not a question for you dear reader, I think you are spending your time well by reading my blog. This question is directed to the great congressmen and senators of US.

To me it appears as if senators and congressmen are a bunch of fools who have nothing better to do then keep adjusting their clocks by one hour twice each year and deciding when should all of us also adjust our clocks. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about Day Light Saving Time.

Somewhere in year 2005 US Senate/Congress decided that day light saving should be extended in year 2007 i.e. Day light Saving time would now be turned on in March and turned off in Nov. Did they have nothing better to do? It looks like none of them have degree in science and none of them knows that in today's worlds changing clock time is not all that simple. In today's world every thing is governed by computers which are in turn govern by software which needs to adjusted for changes…