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Sania Mirza and her clothes

What matters more Sania Mirza Tennis or Her clothes. The answer is simple...... her clothes. For people who don't know Sania Mirza will think that she is MODEL or Fashion designer thats why clothes matter more. For those of you who know who Sania is will think that tennis should matter more as she is tennis player.

This is not the first time a Tennis player is more in news due to her clothes. Anna was also more famous for her beauty and her dresses. The reasons though are completely different. In case of Sania some extermist group is offened by her dresses.

Why this extermist group offended now? Why was it not offended when Sania started playing tennis? Why is this group only targeting Sania why not Jahan Afreen? I am sure you want to know who is Jahan Afreen. She is just another tennis player.

The answer is simple "Fame". Had they target Jahan Afreen who would have listened. Or had they targeted Sania when she just started and was a no entity who would have cared.

Is there…