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Wayanad: Part 1: On way to Wayanad

Mentally Exhausted, I needed a break. In my one one my manager gracefully accepted my ad-hoc request. Place was not decided. Right after one on one, I started looking for hotels in Ooty, Bandipur, Kabini etc. Not being able to find a place was leading to mental exhaustion as well. As luck would have it, one site showed a hotel in Wayanad when searching for Bandipur and my search was directed towards Wayanad. In another 10 minutes, I booked Coffee Acres Plantation Resort using and got my booking number and pin as confirmation. Peace of mind booking done. I am finally taking a break after 6 months.

Just to be sure, I called Coffee Acres. To my horror, the person on phone told me his resort was full and he had not received any booking in my name from I asked him what should I do now. He said he would call in 30 minutes after checking with Sure enough, he called at 11:30 in night and told me it would have been system error but offered me that he can …