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Power of Defeat

You might be thinking about choice of Topic “Power of Defeat”. Yes, Defeat is really powerful and it becomes more powerful when you don’t expect it. Yes, I am talking about Defeat of NDA in last general elections. I would admit that I did not expect it and that I was blinded by media hype and media intensive campaign that I could not see ground reality. Amazingly it looks like no one in NDA expected the defeat either and they themselves were blinded by there own “India shinning” campaign. There is no doubt that India did make good progress in NDA rule and but the campaign itself was shinning more than India was and it was shinning so brightly that NDA leader could see nothing else.

What can you do when you get defeated? You actually have many options. You can choose to accept is gracefully and look for real reasons for defeat and work to iron out short comings or you can accept defeat and do nothing and wait or you can refuse to accept defeat and blame every one and any one for it. Ama…