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Initiative - A new game of cards

An old saying goes "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". So I am in search of other family members of invention. Till now I know four of them and they are: invention the child, necessity the mother, Inventor the father, and Laziness the nani. Yes, Necessity is child Laziness. As only laziness could have given birth to necessity of remote, vehicles, flush, toilets... etc

recently I discovered another nani of invention. Biwi is also a nani of invention. Let me tell you how.

Playing cards has become one of the favorite time pass in my friend circle. The games we play are like Court Piece, judgment, chakree, Laad, 3-2-5, Uno etc.. depending on how many people are there. Judgment and Laad are the only games which can be played in any number of people. Court Piece can be played in four people, chakree in six , 3-2-5 in three. But there was no game which could be played in five people. So when five people gather the only choice was laad or judgment. Judgment was played so ofte…


Stratalite:Is this is spelling mistake? Did I mean satellite? No, This time it is not a spelling mistake and I did not mean satellite. It is stratalite only. Are you now thinking what is Stratalite?By definition A stratalite is an airship designed to cruise at an altitude of 20 km or 65000 feet. Hmmmm by now you would be guessing that a stratalite is new mode of transportation and yes you are correct but not for humans. It would transport data. So basically a Stratalite is communication hub and would perform same functions as satellite. The difference being that it is placed in stratosphere instead of outer space and that is where it gets it name from. So just like satellite it will stay stationary at one point.You would be thinking how it would stay in one position in stratosphere as there is air there. Yes that is right but stratosphere is so thin that pressure there is much less than in troposphere. Hence the energy required is just fraction of what it would have been in lower alti…