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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

I had earlier seen 'Cirque duSoleil' when it came to Seattle Area. It was impressive and I would say it had good music and excellent presentation and superb execution. But coming out I somehow felt it was very monotonous and repetitive. All the acts were very similar. All required great skill and I was impressed but I was not as entertained as I expected to be. At that time I formed a image that perhaps in USA all circus are like this. The notion was not correct.

Last Saturday we went to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The circus shows were in Everett. This was the circus which I would say matched my mental image of "Circus" closely. It had all the elements that you would expect

1) Clowns (Joker)
2) Dancers
3) Animals (Elephants, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Tigers, Lamas and dogs)
4) Trapeze artists.

And above all Stunt show "MautkaKuan" (Globe of Death). This was really amazing 8 motorcycle in a enclosed globe going at full speed.

All the animal acts…

Prediction : Republican Candidates for 2008 election

The time has come to make a prediction. Today on 9th day of Feb I Aditya Kapoor predict that John McCain would be Republican Candidate for President of USA. But this is not a important prediction. The more important prediction is that Mike Huckabee would be Republican candidate for Vice President.

Although I wish it was Mitt Romney was candidate for Presidential candidate. He is smart and I believe he would have been a better President.

Update on 09/09/2008
I was wrong... :)

Happy New Year : Kal aur "Kal"

Thanks a lot to Praveen for writing and sending such a beautiful poem. Thanks to him for permitting me to post it on my blog.

For reading convenience:
Kal means Yesterday
“kal“ means Tomorrow

Kal ki baatein beet gayi Kal
Kal ke aage bhi hai ek “kal“
“kal“ naa Kal pe zaaya karna
“kal“ le liye bas aage badhna

Kal hai yaadon ki parchayi
“kal“ hai suraj ki angdai
Kal ke liye aansoon kyun bahaane
“kal“ mein chhupe kitne hi khazaane

Kal jo hua, us par kya bas hai
“kal“ mein jeevan ka sukh ras hai
Kal ko na sambhav phir laana
“kal“ hai tere haath sajaana

Kal hai kahaani balidaanon ki
“kal“ hai gaatha nirmaanon ki
Kal hai ek thaka musaafir
“kal“ chhoo lena chahe himgir

Par Kal hai guruon ki vaani
Aur “kal“ hai chanchal agyaani
Kal hai jaise shaant sarovar
Pade jo patthar, leher banaye
“kal“ hai kal-kal behta jharna
Ho unmath bas badhta jaaye

Samay par swayam ko setu banao
Kal aur “kal“ ko aaj milaao
Baith ke “kal“ me…