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Gandhigiri: Do we understand what it means?

LageRahoMunnaBhai is one of the best movies of recent times. It can be judged from the immediate effect this movie had. Gandhi jee who had been forgotten was remembered as a hero. Sales of book relating to bapu and other freedom fighters suddenly increased. And suddenly there was news of people practicing Gandhigiri.

But did we really understand what gandhigiri is and Do we really understand what bapu stood for?

I think there are various reasons why Gandhigiri had such a wide appeal
It "looks" simple and easy to follow. And Young Generation thinks Wow! this is really simple.
Secondly Karbujaa effect ( KarbujekodekhkeKarbuja rang badaltahain). Let's say simply Gandhigiri is Hip.I think most people think Gandhigiri is very simple and easy. If a goon can do it why can we. I would say it appears simple. It is actually very difficult. When was the last time you were able to control your anger. When was the last time you were able to control your reaction. Personally, I find it o…