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Rang De Bansanti: Will we take Responsiblity?

Rang De Basanti, hats off to director Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra, story writer Kamlesh Pandey. They have managed to give meaning to rather meaningless cinema we normally get to see. The script of the movie is good and direction, editing, dialogs are crisp. The movie has freshness and has spirit. Every one of the Actors in the cast has done justice to his role. Amir Khan as always is amazing. Siddharth is another actor who has displayed great variety of emotions. Kunal Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Soha ali khan, Atul Kulkarni have acted admirably.

The movie asks a basic question is youth (we) ready to take responsibility of cleaning up our country and politics.

Please Atleast go and watch movie. It might just wake us up.

Google-A threat to Microsoft?

Year 2005 was a year of Google. Google has been churning out software at an amazing speed. But more importantly it has been churning out news at phenomenal pace even faster than software. The result, Google’s stock is continuously touching new heights. The meteoritic rise of Google has caused many people to say that it is fast becoming a threat to Microsoft. Is this a reality?

Let’s evaluate the threat and see if it is real or just hype

Google’s speed: Yes, this is true. Each day we see a new product from Google going into Beta. Amazingly, a lot of Google software is in Beta. Google is even better at delivering news. The result, Google seems to be the most efficient and competitive company. What most people don’t realize that most Google applications are web based, hence it is easier for them to keep updating their servers with new versions if they find some bugs. Even when applications are desktop applications they are not enterprise level or critical application hence even if they hav…

Brahui - Is this the connecting link!!!

Can you name some Dravidian Languages? I know I know you can. You would have by now listed Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Did you also mention Brahui? Where is this language spoken? How many people speak this language? What is so special about Brahui, that it deserved a mention in this blog?

Brahui is a language of Dravidian family just like Tamil, Telugu etc. Amazingly, it is not spoken in India or Srilanka. Rather, it spoken mainly in Pakistan. It is also spoken in parts of Iran and Afghanistan. There are a little more than 2 million people who know Brahui. They live mainly in Baluchistan.

What is a Dravidian language doing in Pakistan? The origin of Brahui people is a mystery.

It is popular believe that as Aryan expanded into Indian sub-continent they pushed people of Indus Valley Civilization to the southern part. Are Brahui a small group of people living in Indus Valley Civilization who despite all odds refused to move south? Or Are they people who migrated to Baluchistan at…