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Race for President: CheckMate

Race for the President is on. All the parties want to find a president who will best suit their needs. Just like in game of chess they want a king (President) without any power who would not even try to voice his or her opinion. Just like game of chess each and every move is well thought of and to give a check to opponents. The only difference between this game and game of chess is that there are more than two players and that makes the game even more interesting. Let's examine the moves till now. All parties including NDA, UPA and left want their candidate to be President. None of them really are happy with the current President. The reason for not liking him is simple, he has brain of his own. He would not agree to be a Puppet. NDA's first move is to tell current president that they cannot support him. UPA, Left and BSP are fighting to arrive at a agreement. Mr Vice President who is from BJP declares himself as a independent candidate. By declaring himself to be independent he is…