Initiative - A new game of cards

An old saying goes "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". So I am in search of other family members of invention. Till now I know four of them and they are: invention the child, necessity the mother, Inventor the father, and Laziness the nani. Yes, Necessity is child Laziness. As only laziness could have given birth to necessity of remote, vehicles, flush, toilets... etc

recently I discovered another nani of invention. Biwi is also a nani of invention. Let me tell you how.

Playing cards has become one of the favorite time pass in my friend circle. The games we play are like Court Piece, judgment, chakree, Laad, 3-2-5, Uno etc.. depending on how many people are there. Judgment and Laad are the only games which can be played in any number of people. Court Piece can be played in four people, chakree in six , 3-2-5 in three. But there was no game which could be played in five people. So when five people gather the only choice was laad or judgment. Judgment was played so often that we were bored of playing it and Jaya does not like laad as she always gets defeated in laad. The situation gave rise to need of having a game of five people and "initiative" was born.

"Initiative" is new game of cards designed and developed by engineer from EMC and tested by engineers from Microsoft and Expedia.

Let me now describe "initiative".

Initiative is game of taking initiative and taking control in your hands. It is one of the few games for five people. And the best part the game is dynamic. Initiative belongs to category of games like court piece, 3-2-5 etc where you make hands. So if you know how to play any of these games you can easily learn initiative.

Rules of initiative
  • Initiative is played with 50 cards. The cards that are removed from the deck are 2 of clubs and 2 of diamonds.
  • Each player gets 10 cards. Distributed in sets of 4, 3, 3.
  • After the first set of 4 cards is distributed the person sitting next to deal decides the trump color. The remaining cards are then distributed.
  • The player sitting next to the person who decided trump start the game by throwing a card. Each player then throws a card .
  • The person who make a hand then decides his team by choosing two partners. So now there are two teams of three and two people each.
  • The team with three people has to make 7 hand in order to win.
  • Team with 2 people has to make 4 hands in order to win.
  • The rules of making hands are similar to court piece.
The most interesting part of the game is first hand when person tries taking initiative or avoids taking initiative because taking initiative would mean that he or she has to choose the partners and then make 7 hand to win.

I hope you will try this new game and enjoy it.

Motivator: Jaya Kapoor
Test engineers : Komal Kashiramka, Nitin Bhandari, Sandeep Karanth, Jaya kapoor
Concept designer and Architect: Aditya Kapoor



Komal said…
Hey - we also came up with a variation wherein scores are associated with each player. Every player gets a +10 for part of winning team and -10 for part of loosing team. Winner is one with max. points as long as everyone plays any # of initiative.

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