Who should win the world cup!!!

Ofcourse, it cannot be India - Why? Because we are already out of the World Cup. Let's set the expectations right, we should try to win India Bangladesh Series.

Any way back to the original question, Who should win the world cup?

Lets look at the following Stats and I think the answer would be clear.

Batting Stats: The batting stats show that top 10 run scorers of this tournament are basically from 3 teams: Australia(3), South Africa(3), Srilanka(2). There is one each from England and NewZealand.

Bowling Stats: The bowling stats just like batting squads are also skewed in favour of 3 teams: Australia(4), Srilanka(2), NewZealand (2). There is one from one each from South Africa and West Indies.

Just by looking at those stats you can tell there is no one to represent England in Bowling department and No one to represent West Indies in Batting in top 10 positions which explains why these two teams are where they should be. Similarly there is no representation from Bangladesh and Ireland. So this is basically between four teams Aus, SA, SL, NZ.

Again just by looking at above stats only one can easily see how each team is balanced.

New Zealand is better in bowling department not just because they have two bowlers and one batsmen but also because of the BOND factor. Although he is not the highest wicket taker but just look at his economy rate of 2.44.

South Aftrica is more dominated by batsmen. You can see there are 3 batsmen and 1 bowler in the list. More over they don't have the vital spinner in the team.

Srilanka looks like is ideally balanced between the two departments 2 in each list. Malinga who has the best strike rate and the great Murali.

Australia also seemed to be perfectly balanced with 3 batsmen and 4 bowler in the list. I don't think I need to repeat any thing else about them

So lets move to the next department Fielding, I think all the four teams are good fielding sides so it would be difficult to differentiate on this. At this point my head says Australia is going to win but my heart says Srilanka.


Sandeep Karanth said…
I think so too. It is going to be a Aus vs SL final and it won't be a 1996 repeat.
Anonymous said…
No way!! SA are gonna kick out Aussies in the semi finals and go ahead to win their first WC!!


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