Worst World Cup Ever

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Cricket World Cup 2007 would be remembered in the history as the Worst World cup Ever. This world cup is perfect example of Murphy's Law "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong". There are several reasons for it being called the worst world cup.
  • Bob Woolmer was murdered. Shame on game when it starts taking lifes. It is amazing that police has not been able to find the murderer although the world cup has ended.
  • A very long format. I think ICC was trying to maximize profits by providing less matches to minnow and more matches to main 8 teams. This was cause of only having three matches for qualification and round robin for 8 teams. A better format would have been to have 12 teams and 4 pools of 3 teams each playing with each other twice which would make 6 matches per pool. The top team from each pool qualifies for a round robin semi finals giving 6 matches. The top two teams then meet in the finals.
  • A large number of one sided matches. Even when two teams were supposedly of equal strength the match was decided very early. There were hardly any fight backs.
  • Australia was too dominant. Of course it is not their fault, I should have rather said none of the other sides even came close.
  • Cricket which used to called game of glorious uncertainties was no longer the same. At least one finalist was decided even before the world cup started.
  • Last but not the least poor performance by administration is dealing with lights and all the confusion in the finals

I did not say India and Pakistan exited early because perhaps they got what they deserved. In all a long boring world cup.


sahi bola ... worst ever! India/Pakistan exiting early was deserved but as the story unfolds the news about egos/camps/not supporting the captain/seniority complexes were the reason for our failure makes it so much more worse .. and yes personally for me, Tendulkar's fall from grace makes this worst ever!

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