Is this NEWS? Detoriation of Reporting Quality

NEWS to me means New Event With Significance. I don't know about others but I am kind of frustrated about the kind of reporting I see. It looks like NEWS reporters have forgotten the meaning of NEWS. The NEWS now seems to have modified into MEWS or Masala Entertainment Worthless Shock.

Just look at any Indian news paper site, now a days the only MEWS they have is about a marriage of Abhishek and Ash. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Abhi or Ash. In fact I am huge fan of Amit jee and like both Ash and Abhishek. I am actually frustrated to see the kind of details that is being reported. Who is being invited, What does invitation card look like, What was there in Mithai, Who did what, What did Jaya Bachaan say to Ash etc etc. I think the actual news would have been, Abhishek and Ash are getting married on such and such date at such and such place. Every thing beyond that is Masala. To some extent even that is tolerable but I think now a days media goes over board with every thing.

The media has been commercialized to such a extent that they forget where to draw the line. I think to some extent we are also a cause as we would not tolerate that a page has not been updated for some hours. Another important reason is too much media, there are news channel which telecast MEWS for 24 hrs. Now they cannot keep on repeating the same news/mews so they have to keep changing it, so they have to find new stuff as a result they telecast things which are not significant. Then if we see further they have to provide SHOCK value. The more shock a channel/Site provide the more popular it becomes.

In the end it becomes MEWS


Sandeep Karanth said…
I remember one more such news article about the doctor who conducted autopsy on Bob Woolmer. He was an Indian and the timesofindia paper nearly made him the 3rd anti-christ by giving information about how his village and parents are in a bad state and how the villagers were unhappy that he hadn't helped them. Ridiculous stuff!!!!!

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