Wayanad: Part 1: On way to Wayanad

Mentally Exhausted, I needed a break. In my one one my manager gracefully accepted my ad-hoc request. Place was not decided. Right after one on one, I started looking for hotels in Ooty, Bandipur, Kabini etc. Not being able to find a place was leading to mental exhaustion as well. As luck would have it, one site showed a hotel in Wayanad when searching for Bandipur and my search was directed towards Wayanad. In another 10 minutes, I booked Coffee Acres Plantation Resort using Booking.com and got my booking number and pin as confirmation. Peace of mind booking done. I am finally taking a break after 6 months.

Just to be sure, I called Coffee Acres. To my horror, the person on phone told me his resort was full and he had not received any booking in my name from Booking.com. I asked him what should I do now. He said he would call in 30 minutes after checking with Booking.com. Sure enough, he called at 11:30 in night and told me it would have been system error but offered me that he can set me up in another place for 1st night and in Coffee Acres for second night, I agreed and he asked me not to worry and he would take care.

Started from Bangalore at 5:55 AM on 1st May 2014. Road were all clear, with hardly any traffic. Breakfast at our favorite place Kamat Loka Ruchi on Bangalore Mysore Highway. Muddhe Idly at is place is a specialty. It is special idly wrapped in leaf. Besides Muddhe idly, we also had Upma, Kesari Bath, Wada and Coffee. The place is not expensive and can be quite crowded but is still one of the best place on the way.

Travel between Mysore and Gundapet was disturbing. It seemed for no apparent reason trees on both side of road were being cut. This one was cut right before our eyes and traffic was stuck for 10 minutes. Abhimanyu's comment captured it the best, tree ko grow karne mein kitne saal lagte hian aur katne mein sirf 10 minute. There were tree stumps on either side of road for considerable distance. The drive would have been much better with trees. Question from Abhimanyu, Papa hum kya ker sakte hain?

Drive was uneventful and unexciting till we reached Bandipur tiger reserve. Road was quite good and with trees on both sides. Road had lot of speed breakers which prevent over speeding. If you drive slowly, you may see Deers and Langoors on side. The rest of drive till Kalpetta was nice with lots of greenery and number of sharp turns and bends.


Anupam said…
Nice start... Looking forward for the complete tavelogue.

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