Power of Rs 2

What is value of Two(2) Rupees?

2 Rs = 1/20 of US dollar = 5 cents
2 Rs = 2 Eclairs
2 Rs = 1/5 of Pepsi or Coke
2 Rs = 120 ml of Milk
2 Rs = 200 grams of Wheat floor
2 Rs = Cost of Pencil
2 Rs = 500 grams of Aloo (Potato) when it is cheap
2 Rs = Tsunami Relief cheque for damage of coconut crops
2 Rs = Shame on Govt of India
2 Rs = Promise for millions of dollars of Tsunami Relief

You would be wondering why this Question for Value of Rs 2.00.

Rs 2.00 Tsunami Relief

तीन सौ पेड़ों का मुआवज़ा दो रुपये

Is India really shining?


Upanshu Singhal said…
Good Read. Well, Re. 1 note does not have RBI Governor signature as it is printed by Government of India.

But now days you will not even see Re. 1 note except in "Dulhe ka Sehra" & "Dulhe ki Mala"

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