Who is behind bomb blast in Benazir's convoy?

Today was another sad day with over 100 people killed in bomb blasts that rocked Benazir's convoy. This seems to be decade of terrorism. Being a Indian I know how painful these acts of terrorism are. It seems however that terrorism is now affecting the nations who used to export it. This reminds me of old saying "Jo dusre ke liye kabr kohdtaa hain, who khud he us mein girtaa hian". I should here make it very clear that I condemn any act of terrorism no matter where it occurs.

Today's incident got me thinking who would be behind these bomb blasts? My suspects are

  • Mushraff
  • Taliban and Al Queda
  • Nawaz Sharif
  • Benazir herself

Mushraff : He would like to create circumstances where he can declare emergency and gain more powers. A bomb blast like this could be used as excuse.

Taliban and Al Queda: They declare their power and let politician know what they can do.

Nawaz Sharif: She is her main opponent

Benazir: She seems to gain most by way of sympathy and show that she is returning to Pakistan inspite of all the dangers.

I don't know who it is but all appear to gain from it. The only looser is common man.


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