Google vs Microsoft (Score 1:1)

This is trial of google docs and spreadsheet. History repeats itself or lets say life is a circle. When computers were first invented there used to be one big computer for which people used share time slots. Then computers started to become smaller and faster which could run multiple jobs at the same time and user used to have dumb terminal connected which would serve as IO device for the user to interact. Finally came PCs these machines were small and not as pricey as its ancestors. So every body started to own a computer. Microsoft led the way in this direction by providing versions of OS which were easy to use. Microsoft almost single handed started PC revolution

While computers were becoming smaller,faster and cheaper another parallel development was taking place. This development would bring reverse the trend in near future. People had started discovering that it is no fun to own a computer and not being able to interact with other people and share ideas. The development that was fueling this new revolution was Internet. More and more people started to get online to meet other people. Chat, Newsgroups, email, blogs, social networking were all enabling people to interact more. As our doors closed on our neighbours our windows on our computers were opening up. The company that was at forefront of this revolution is GOOGLE.

This one company is pushing for all content online. The latest is Google Docs and Spreadsheet. Google realized that WORD and EXCEL are probably one of the most use apps and it would punch is face of Microsoft if they provide similar functionality online. Along with regular feature came a feature collaborate and publish.

Lets see how successful Google will be......

Aditya Kapoor


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