I am impressed! Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Today I am going to start the new series called I am impressed. This series would contain some information about the things or the software's that impressed me.

So what am I impressed by today? I have impressed by this amazing piece of software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a voice recognition software by a company called Nuance software. I have previously tried to use voice recognition software by Microsoft but was not impressed, in fact I must say I was disappointed by its performance.

I am using version 9.5 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it seems pretty accurate . This blog has been written with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I haven't typed even a single word. What is more amazing about the software is that it allows for various accents. A user can choose the following type of accents: American, UK, Southeast Asian, Australian and Indian. It is only because I was able to choose the Indian accent that it is working so well.

The amount of time that it takes to dictate to the software is significantly less than the amount of time it would have taken me to type it. The people who know me, know that I am not very good at typing. Moreover recently I have been suffering with accute pain in my right arm. A voice recognition software like the one I am using helps a person like me to get some rest to the arm without decreasing the productivity.

I part with Dragon NaturallySpeaking at best buy for $99 only. It also needed a good headset and I'm using Plantronics gaming headset which was bought for dollars 50.

It looks like the future of voice recognition is here!


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