Man gets what he wants

It is said "Man gets what he deserves". I would like to change it to "Man gets what he wants". The reason is simple if a man wants some thing he works hard to get that. He may get it by hook or crook but he will get it.

When people say they want something but are not getting it they are lying. Had they really wanted it they would have worked for it and thus become deserving enough to get it.

From today onwards, I try not to say that I want some thing but I am not getting it because I have not worked to get it and hence I don't deserve it. May be after I die people would remember me for my quote



Manish said…
I dont agree, max you can get is what you deserve..
you dont get more than you wnat and more than you deserve..
what you get is min(deserve, want)
Completely Disagree. :)

Man gets what he deserves is in fact the truth. Here is why:

If you just desire without putting in required effort then you will fail and hence you would get what you deserve.

If one works hard and gets it then ofcourse you deserved it ...

If one works hard and still does not get it then something better is waiting for him ... and hence you get what you deserve

Not getting what you want is sometimes good :)

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