I live, I learn, I enumrate

On Friday, I read Karanth's Blog which had a very interesting quote: -
"You live, you learn, you love, you learn, you cry, you learn, you lose, you learn, you bleed, you learn, you scream, you learn. You grieve, you learn, you choke, you learn, you laugh, you learn, you lose, you learn, you pray, you learn, you ask, you learn."-Alanis Morisette

Interesting quote but a very very true one. Yes each experience teaches us some thing, yes we keep learning from life each and every moment. But do we try to remember all we have learnt? I think if I make it a point to enumerate at least some important things that I learn would I be less prone to making same mistake or would I become more indecisive? Let's try if at end of some period of time I think my decision making is slowing down I would avoid enumerating these and perhaps would know that all important lessons we learn are in sub conscious brain. At present I am trying to make it part of conscious brain.

What I am going to do give one pointer for lesson learnt and short story on what led to lesson? I think nothing that I would be enumerating would be new or ground breaking but it would be just something that I learnt. Lets now come straight to the point.

Today was interesting day I learnt two things today

1) Fresh approach is needed to solve a long standing problem: My wife Jaya had bought a necklace which had multiple chains. The way she kept it all the chains got entangled with each other. She asked me to help her untangle it. I started it doing the usual way started from one side and did that for quite some time but failed infect my eyes started to pain. So I asked her to hold it and I closed my eyes to give them rest. Mean while she tried to do the same thing but failed and it even looked that she would cry anytime. I then opened my eyes and set one end loose so that that end was now not held by any one and again started at the other end. As one end was free it rotated and finally all the chains got free.

2) From the same story I also learned a small break is helpful. Had I not left in middle, I would not have thought of alternate method as all my energy, thoughts would have concentrated on the approach I was taking. Break helped me think in alternate direction.

Let’s see if I can keep these in mind


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