Popup Blocker

You know why I was not able to post a blog for such a long time. The answer is Popup blocker!!!! Are you amazed?

I wrote a long long blog and then clicked on Spell checker. As you know Internet explorer now has automatic popup blocker. So it blocked that spell checker and I clicked on Allow popups from this site and the whole page was refreshed. With all my writings gone?

Who in the world asked to refresh the whole page!!!!! and is this bad feature or what?

I was so frustrated that I unchecked the popup blocker and installed Google Toolbar which works beautifully :)

Let me point out one more thing.

MSN also has toolbar similar to Google toolbar. Try installing it on Windows 2003 and SP1, It looks and keep the popup blocker feature on both on Internet explorer and MSN toolbar on. See what happens.

The main window window from which popup was generated freezes and IE hangs. It looks like as if MSN toolbar is fighting with IE that why is IE blocking popup when it wants to block it. :)


Upanshu Singhal said…
You ran spell checker, interesting :))

Moral of the story is, first type using Word, run Spell checker and then use CTRL+C or CTRL+V, no frustration.

Happy dloging. (blogging)
Backup ki duniya ka ek purana bashinda said…
bhai sahab

pop blocker ne jo aapke saath kiya wo kabilay-maafi nahin ..par ...par ... par ...
backup company ke mulazim hone ke baad back up nahin rakha ... yeah bhi kabilay maafi nahin! :)
Komal said…
nice read... check out: http://www.sysinternals.com/blog/2005/06/popup-blocker-what-popup-blocker.html

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