Abhimanyu and other changes

It has been almost 7 months, 7 small months, 7 months that passed like 7 Days, 7 months that have changed my life and the world in atleast 7 different ways. Why did I not update the blog? Did I have nothing to write about? Did I not have time? or Did I find some thing more intersting?

I think the last statement is true. Infact I had at least couple of more intersting things to do.

On the historic day of May 14 2006, my life changed for ever, my son Abhimanyu was finally in my arms. It was one life changing event. Abhimanyu has kept me busy for last three months and would probably keep me busy for my remaining life :).

Now my life revolves around a person who still cannot speak, who poofs and pees in bed. It is amazing how his single smile makes us happy and my wife cryies when he cries. It is amazing to see the change in him every day. It amazing to see how quicky kids develop and how quickly they change.

The other activity that was not only intersting but also time consuming was Stocks. Yes, after lots of hesitation I finally invested in stocks. Yes, It is risky. Yes, I am currently in some losses. But it is at the same time very intersting.

It is very intersting to see markets and stocks go up and down. It is very intersting to see how various factors involved would affect the market. It is very interesting to see that although market appears as irrational and very unpredicatable overall change over a period of time is rational.

It is not a easy place to make money. Infact after 6 months I think it is one of the most difficult ways to make money esp for small investors. Yes, It is difficult but it is intersting. Last 6 months in stock market have given me more knowledge in various fields than I would have otherwise. Why? Because in this place knowledge of what is happening, or what is the trend, which way things are moving is the only way to survive esp if you are not as lucky as Thomas Ko.

More on this topic later.


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