Should Ganguly be selected for Pakistan tour

DISCLAIMER: All the views expressed in this article are only my views. They are not meant to affect the views of selection committee. If final selection of Ganguly matches the views expressed in article it would merely be co-incidental.

Ganguly was dropped after second test match. The decision to drop him was controversial and controversy was well justified. It looked as if there was more politics involved than performance. Ganguly might not have set the field on fire by his batting but he did have two good knocks of almost 40 in as many innings. More over he was involved in two long partnerships at two crucial points. I thought that Ganguly had done enough to be selected again for third test. Both Yuvraj, Laxman were picked up ahead of Ganguly. Considering the performance in the test Laxman scored 69 and 11 making 80 runs overall and Yuvi made 0 and 77 making 77 run overall, while Ganguly made 40 and 39 making 79 overall. In-fact figures show that Ganguly was more consistent. Many people like me were shocked and infact to some extent angry by the decision and there were demonstrations through out the country.

In the third test both Laxman and Yuvi proved selectors right by making 104 and 75 at crucial points. Now that both Laxman and Yuvi have shown that selectors were right. Is there still a place for Ganguly in the test squad?

Although I am fan of Ganguly, I don't think that Ganguly should be selected for Pakistan tour. There are many reasons for this.

Laxman and Yuvi performed well in 3rd test: Yuvi has shown by scoring 77 and 75 in both test that he can be very useful. Both innings of 77 and 75 were made at crucial points. In both cases team had lost quick wickets. Both innings were played in 2 innings. Both innings were of different type while the first one was full of patience, second was quick fire 75 made in 83 balls showing he can adapt himself to situation well. Laxman on the other hand made 104 when Team India was under pressure. Although I don't think he is going to make significant contribution till the last match in Pakistan series it would be difficult to keep him out.

Ganguly's record: Ganguly's record against Pakistan also does not support his inclusion. He has played 7 matches against Pakistan scoring 297 runs at average of 27.

Weakness against short balls: Aloo has asked his curators to prepare fast bouncy tracks. Ganguly is not the best player against rising deliveries on the other hand Yuvi is better against pace attack. I obviously don't have to many expectations from Laxman who is good against both spin and pace but chances are that he will make score only in the Last match of the series.

Nothing has changed: Nothing has changed for Ganguly nor has he played any domestic cricket to justify his selection in team. In fact other factors like Yuvi have actually gone against him.

Based on the above I would say Ganguly should not be selected. If Ganguly gets selected it would be due to politics and public pressure.


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