The curse of Education?

I came across The story in these pics has become a common story across India. Look at any community you will see elderly parents and grand parents living alone. They worked hard to give their kids the best education they possibly could. The whole generation sacrificed their present so that future of theirs kids could be bright. They pushed and kids also worked hard, got educated in good colleges. Some secured jobs in cities far away from home town, other moved abroad and the parents/grand parents were happy. Their kids were enjoying success. Time passed by. Parents and Grandparents  started retiring. Age started catching up. They were left with eternal dilemma whether to move with kids or stay at home town. What would they do whole day. No one knows them in new place. Kids coming back once a year becomes the event that they wait for.

Wayanad: Part 1: On way to Wayanad

Mentally Exhausted, I needed a break. In my one one my manager gracefully accepted my ad-hoc request. Place was not decided. Right after one on one, I started looking for hotels in Ooty, Bandipur, Kabini etc. Not being able to find a place was leading to mental exhaustion as well. As luck would have it, one site showed a hotel in Wayanad when searching for Bandipur and my search was directed towards Wayanad. In another 10 minutes, I booked Coffee Acres Plantation Resort using and got my booking number and pin as confirmation. Peace of mind booking done. I am finally taking a break after 6 months. Just to be sure, I called Coffee Acres . To my horror, the person on phone told me his resort was full and he had not received any booking in my name from . I asked him what should I do now. He said he would call in 30 minutes after checking with . Sure enough, he called at 11:30 in night and told me it would have been system error but offered me that h

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

I had earlier seen 'Cirque du Soleil ' when it came to Seattle Area. It was impressive and I would say it had good music and excellent presentation and superb execution. But coming out I somehow felt it was very monotonous and repetitive. All the acts were very similar. All required great skill and I was impressed but I was not as entertained as I expected to be. At that time I formed a image that perhaps in USA all circus are like this. The notion was not correct. Last Saturday we went to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus . The circus shows were in Everett. This was the circus which I would say matched my mental image of "Circus" closely. It had all the elements that you would expect 1) Clowns (Joker) 2) Dancers 3) Animals (Elephants, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Tigers, Lamas and dogs) 4) Trapeze artists. And above all Stunt show " Maut ka Kuan " (Globe of Death). This was really amazing 8 motorcycle in a enclosed globe going at full speed.

Prediction : Republican Candidates for 2008 election

The time has come to make a prediction. Today on 9th day of Feb I Aditya Kapoor predict that John McCain would be Republican Candidate for President of USA. But this is not a important prediction. The more important prediction is that Mike Huckabee would be Republican candidate for Vice President. Although I wish it was Mitt Romney was candidate for Presidential candidate. He is smart and I believe he would have been a better President. Update on 09/09/2008 I was wrong... :)

Happy New Year : Kal aur "Kal"

Thanks a lot to Praveen for writing and sending such a beautiful poem. Thanks to him for permitting me to post it on my blog. *************************************************** For reading convenience: Kal means Yesterday “kal“ means Tomorrow ***************************************************** Kal ki baatein beet gayi Kal Kal ke aage bhi hai ek “kal“ “kal“ naa Kal pe zaaya karna “kal“ le liye bas aage badhna Kal hai yaadon ki parchayi “kal“ hai suraj ki angdai Kal ke liye aansoon kyun bahaane “kal“ mein chhupe kitne hi khazaane Kal jo hua, us par kya bas hai “kal“ mein jeevan ka sukh ras hai Kal ko na sambhav phir laana “kal“ hai tere haath sajaana Kal hai kahaani balidaanon ki “kal“ hai gaatha nirmaanon ki Kal hai ek thaka musaafir “kal“ chhoo lena chahe himgir Par Kal hai guruon ki vaani Aur “kal“ hai chanchal agyaani Kal hai jaise shaant sarovar Pade jo patthar, leher banaye “kal“ hai kal-kal behta jharna Ho unmath bas badhta jaaye Samay par swayam ko setu banao Kal aur “

Songs for Children: Thanks You Tube

Jungle Book Title Song : Abhimanyu is mad about this video. Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya Lakadi Ki Kathi Masterjee Ki Agayee Chithi: A very nice song, but not very famous

I am impressed! Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Today I am going to start the new series called I am impressed. This series would contain some information about the things or the software's that impressed me. So what am I impressed by today? I have impressed by this amazing piece of software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a voice recognition software by a company called Nuance software. I have previously tried to use voice recognition software by Microsoft but was not impressed, in fact I must say I was disappointed by its performance. I am using version 9.5 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and it seems pretty accurate . This blog has been written with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I haven't typed even a single word. What is more amazing about the software is that it allows for various accents. A user can choose the following type of accents: American, UK, Southeast Asian, Australian and Indian. It is only because I was able to choose the Indian accent that it is working so well. The amount